Manipulation, to approach science through practice



Discovery through experimentation is at the heart of the Maison de la Science project. Throughout your visit, you will discover mediation devices based on the principles of experimentation and manipulation. 


Among others:

1. The augmented reality sandbox

Our augmented reality sandbox allows you to familiarise yourself with the propagation of fluids on the earth's surface and to experience the influence of relief and soil on water flow. Model the ground and see, in real time, the contour lines adapt! Make rain pour and see the virtual water flow like real liquid! When you play with our sandbox, you experience in an intuitive way complex phenomena studied by researchers of the University of Liège.


2. The thermographic camera  

Our thermographic camera constantly films the room and the visitors in it. The temperature map it records is converted into a color-coded image. Through the image returned by our camera, discover what heat is, how it is transmitted or how it is related to infrared.


3. The interactive screen of the Bois'art space

Our interactive screen allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the researchers of the European Center of Archaeometry of the University of Liège as they examine the drawings and tracings hidden under the paintings for restoration, attribution and authentication purposes. You are invited to try different sources of rays (infrared, X-ray, ultraviolet) in order to reveal the layers of a work invisible to the naked eye and to discover different modifications made to major paintings.

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