Combo with the Territoires de la Mémoire


Combine your visit to the Maison de la Science with that of the Territoires de la Mémoire, at a reduced price


Never again! A journey through the Nazi camps to resist today.

The permanent exhibition of the Territories de la Mémoire evokes the journey of the deportees in the Nazi camps. Very quickly, we realize that it is impossible to interrupt it. Guided by the voice of the actor Pierre Arditi, the sound, the images and the play of light, the visitor is led to discover spaces that explore one of the darkest pages of our history: the Second World War, the rise of Nazism, the concentration and extermination camps, the testimonies and survival after captivity.

At the end of this intense and moving visit, everyone is confronted with the current reality and asks themselves: what to do and how to resist today?

After the visit, the groups are taken in charge by specialized activity leaders. This exchange allows for the necessary additional information to be provided.


At the Maison de la Science :

The activity leader will offer you a choice of 2 activities + free visit of the museum OR, for school groups, a workshop.

  • Only for groups (minimum 15 people)
  • Duration of the visit: Territoires de la Mémoire: 75 min - 90 min with activity
    Maison de la Science: 90 min + self-guided visit
  • From 11 years old
  • Possibility of a visit in Dutch on request
  • The Territoires de la Mémoire
    Cité Miroir
    Place Xavier Neujean 22, 4000 Liège
  • PRICE : 7,00€ (+ activities) - 7,50€ (+ workshop)
iconeInfo By reservation only

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