26.10.2023 - 02.11.2023

Halloween: Esprit es-tu là?  

This year, the Maison de la Science joins forces with the Aquarium-Muséum team to transform itself into a haunted mansion. Experiments, scientific animations & spooky tales will lead you to meet spirits, poltergeists and other demonic creatures.

19.07.2023 - 18.08.2023

Escape Game: Le Réveil d'Alice  

You're a prisoner in Wonderland... If you don't want to remain at the Queen of Hearts’s mercy forever, you have no choice but to wake up! Time is running out...

26 OCTOBER 2022 - 2 NOVEMBER 2022

Halloween : Crime in Transylvania  

Experiments, scientific animations and scary tales that will bring you face to face with vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. Will you dare to enter Dracula's castle?

1 JULY 2022 - 28 AUGUST 2022

Once upon a time  

In an enchanted setting, come and discover well-known and lesser-known tales presented from a scientific perspective.

27 DECEMBER 2021 - 1 APRIL 2022

Escape Game: The Secret  

Someone has discovered the existence of a trunk that belonged to Isaac Newton. It must be found before it falls into the wrong hands!

30 OCTOBER 2021 - 7 NOVEMBER 2021

Halloween: Infernal Machines  

Surprising machines, a cabinet of curiosities, amazing experiments, extravagant animations. The Maison de la Science will take you on a mysterious journey.

3 JULY 2021 - 5 SEPTEMBER 2021

Science on the beach  

Come and discover the beach from a new perspective: see how the sand can behave and understand the dangers of the sun, the habits of certain marine animals, the secrets of summer cocktails.

21 DECEMBER 2020 - 21 FEBRUARY 2021

Escape Game: The Disappearance  

What happened to Michael Faraday? Try to solve the case, find out what might have happened and put yourself in Humphry Davy’s shoes, mentor of our dear Michael Faraday, to get to the bottom of it.

26 OCTOBER 2019 - 3 NOVEMBER 2019

Enchanted Halloween at the Maison de la Science  

Come and rub shoulders with trolls, fairies and other imps! Experience the strange, the supernatural and the mysterious through experiments, scientific animations and children’s tales.

23 SEPTEMBER 2019 - 23 MARCH 2020

Exhibition: Up there, zooming in on the cosmos  

Humanity has always observed the sky with wonder and questioning. Equipped with a tablet, discover the great questions that humanity has asked itself from Antiquity to the present day, as well as the tools developed to answer them.

27 OCTOBER 2018 - 4 NOVEMBER 2018

Ghostly Halloween at the Maison de la Science  

The museum communicates with spirits! Go on an adventure and encounter the strange, the supernatural and the mysterious through experiments, spooky animations and children’s tales.

8 OCTOBER 2018 - 30 AUGUST 2019

Exhibition: BlahBlahBlah - A world of communication  

Equipped with a tablet, dive into the heart of communication technologies and discover the different means of communication in the living world and what makes us "super communicating" beings!

10 FEBRUARY 2018 - 18 FEBRUARY 2018

Exhibition: Mineral Days  

This exhibition aims to highlight the magnificent mineral collection of the University of Liège.

10 NOVEMBER 2017 - 9 DECEMBER 2017

Scénocosme: interactive resonance  

Interactive art installations combining life, digital technology and science for extraordinary sensory experiences!

28 OCTOBER 2017 - 5 NOVEMBER 2017

Nightmare before Christmas in the Maison de la Science  

Explore the strange, the weird and the mysterious through science experiments and animations, children's tales and spooky settings.

31 OCTOBER 2016 - 22 FEBRUARY 2017

Exhibition: Tik-tok Time  

This exhibition offers children from 3 to 8 years old the opportunity to discover the natural rhythms of time.

29 OCTOBER 2016 - 6 NOVEMBER 2016

Happy Halloween at the Maison de la Science  

Come and take part in a haunted tour. All phenomena are scientifically certified and explainable. There are stories for the little ones and a special Halloween scientific animation for the older ones!

21 JUNE 2015 - 31 AUGUST 2016

Exhibition: Glasses galore! From Galileo to the Oculus Rift  

A set of fun and interactive animations to discover the basics of geometric optics and wave optics, the eye, vision, its defects and corrections, original glasses or infrared vision.

6 OCTOBER 2014 - 5 JANUARY 2015

Exhibition: Brainstorming  

Classical physics confronted with quantum physics, that great unknown...

7 OCTOBER 2013 - 31 MAY 2014

Exhibition: To the Moon with Tania  

This exhibition deals with many cross-cutting themes relating to science, the conquest of space, history and imagination!

26 APRIL 2013 - 28 FEBRUARY 2014

Exhibition: Mobil’homme  

Discover the history of human intelligence at the service of transport, rational mobility or long-term mobility through various animations and workshops.

1 NOVEMBER 2012 - 30 NOVEMBER 2012

Exhibition: Mapping of yesterday and today  

The first historic part of the exhibition traces the evolution of cartography, while the second part presents new geometric techniques and their numerous applications.

16 APRIL 2012 - 30 NOVEMBER 2012

Exhibition: Dynamath  

Through our nine thematic areas and dynamic fun experiments, come make peace with maths and discover its significance.

1 OCTOBER 2010 - 18 FEBRUARY 2011

Exhibition: "Biomimicry", at the service of sustainable development  

The art of drawing inspiration from nature is the keystone of "biomimicry"! Discover three different and complementary ways of innovation: innovating in forms, innovating in processes and innovating in organisational structures.

18 JANUARY 2010 - 18 APRIL 2010

Exhibition: Molière in the theatre, doctors in the city  

Exhibition on the perception of doctors in Molière's work and on medicine in the 17th century.

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